Canadian Conference 2017

The Social Enterprise Council of Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNET) in Manitoba,  welcomes you to Winnipeg from May 10-12, 2017 for the 6th Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise (CCSE2017)

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This national conference is designed for social entrepreneurs and supportive organizations and individuals. If you are operating a social enterprise, providing support to social entrepreneurs, offering social finance opportunities, purchasing from social enterprises, or building capacity in social enterprise policy and networks anywhere across Canada, you will find this conference both valuable and interesting.

This particular conference is designed with the social enterprise practitioner in mind. A full day is devoted to thematic discussions held in social enterprise locations across the Winnipeg region, and hosted by local social enterprise partners. These discussions will be facilitated by expert facilitators from the Social Enterprise Council of Canada and other social enterprise support organizations.

Topics for off-site discussions include the following:

  1. Aboriginal/Energy
  2. Construction/Trades
  3. Arts
  4. Environment
  5. Retail
  6. Employment for marginalized populations
  7. Shared Spaces
  8. Food Production/Distribution
  9. Policy

Registration is now open, with early bird rates in effect until April 25th.

Past Conferences:

In early 2015, the fifth Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise was co-hosted with Pillar Non Profit in London, Ontario, and over 350 attendees participated in more than 40 workshops and social enterprise tours in the region. There were dinners hosted by social enterprises, and more than 20 exhibitors during this three day conference.

“This conference has catapulted me in the right direction for my business.”  

Past national conferences have been held in Calgary, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver.

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SECC Social Enterprise Definition
Social enterprises are community-based businesses that sell goods or services in the market place to achieve a social, cultural and/or environmental purpose; they reinvest their profits to maximize their social mission.
SECC Vision, Mission, and Goal

We envision vibrant community-based social enterprises successfully contributing to creating healthy communities.

Our Mission is to convene, inform and influence community-based social enterprises and their key stakeholders.

Our strategic goal is to insure social enterprises have a supportive ecosystem that:

· Enhances Their Business Skills
· Assures Access To Capital
· Creates Market Opportunities
· Recognizes Their Impact
· Provides Supportive Legislation And Regulations

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