Looking for www.SocialEnterpriseCanada.ca?

It’s not here any more, but welcome to the Social Enterprise Council of Canada’s website. The SECC is a national non-profit member based organization dedicated to support the development and growth of social enterprises across Canada. We run a national conference, and offer a suite of resources useful to social enterprises. We also are connected to individuals and groups across the country with a similar mission.

All of the information, support and resources you may be looking for can be found either here on our site, or at the site of one of the organizations you will find on our Community Links page.

What was Social Enterprise Canada?

Social Enterprise Canada (and the content formerly found at SocialEnterpriseCanada.ca) was an initiative of the enp Canada pilot project, funded by Employment and Social Development Canada from 2012-2015.  Building on the Enterprising Non-Profits program model developed in British Columbia, the goal of the project was to build sector and practitioner capacity by collectively designing and delivering training, resources, and technical assistance to support the development and growth of social enterprises.

For more information about Social Enterprise Canada and the enp Canada Pilot Project, please download “enp Canada …the Journey and the Road Forward… (PDF).

All of the delivery partners affiliated with the Social Enterprise Canada initiative remain active in communities across the country, and we encourage you to use the links below to connect with them directly for local support. Moreover, they will represented at the 2017 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise, to be held in Winnipeg in May, 2017. For more details, and to register, click here.

vancity-logo Vancity Community Foundation (British Columbia)
vancitycommunityfoundation.ca Established in 1989 under the Society Act of British Columbia, with an initial endowment of $1,000,000 from Vancity Savings Credit Union, Vancity Community Foundation (VCF) was founded with a mandate to enrich the community while building on the values of the credit union. Using community economic development strategies, partnerships, and advocacy, VCF enables community change, capacity building, and well-being. Its strategic focus areas are community owned real estate and social enterprise.
 trico-logo Trico Charitable Foundation (Alberta)
www.tricofoundation.ca Established in 2008, the Trico Charitable Foundation seeks to promote innovation and capacity in social entrepreneurship in the Canadian context. We do this through education and resources for Alberta based non-profit organizations to evaluate and enhance their social enterprises; our biennial national Social EnterPrize; and sharing learnings with – and from – the local, national, and international social enterprise movement.
 socent-manitoba Social Enterprise Manitoba
https://socialenterprisemanitoba.ca/Social Enterprise Manitoba is a network of action by people locally to create economic opportunities that improve social conditions. It is an initiative of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet). Social Enterprise Manitoba is an approach that recognizes that economic, environmental and social challenges are interdependent, complex and ever-changing. To be effective, solutions must be rooted in local knowledge and led by community members. CED promotes holistic approaches, addressing individual, recognizing that these levels are interconnected.
 cised-logo CISED (Ottawa and region)
http://www.cised.ca/ The Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development, CISED, recognizes the challenges, and rewards, in scaling social impact through innovative social enterprises. CISED offers a continuum of supports for the social enterprise sector in the city of Ottawa, including access to technical expertise, coaching, financing, learning communities, training, and cross-sector partnerships. CISED is the proud home of enp-Ottawa and as a leader in social enterprise development in Canada, we connect innovative non-profit organizations with a broad array of supports, information, and financial assistance.
 tef-logo The Toronto Enterprise Fund (Toronto and region)
torontoenterprisefund.ca The Toronto Enterprise Fund (TEF) is a unique funding partnership of United Way Toronto & York Region and the municipal, provincial and federal governments, whose mission is to be a leader in supporting the development and sustainability of social enterprises that result in improved community involvement, economic participation, and quality of life for people who are socially marginalized. TEF provides seed funding to new social enterprises, and operating grants to existing ones, as well as extensive business development supports to help enterprises start, grow and thrive. TEF manages the Social Purchasing Project, which connects social enterprises to government and corporate procurement opportunities.
 common-good-solutions-logo Common Good Solutions (Nova Scotia and region)
http://commongoodsolutions.ca/Common Good Solutions provides training, coaching, technical and consulting services to individuals and organizations looking to create value in the space where smart business and social impact meet.

SECC Vision, Mission, and Goal

We envision vibrant community-based social enterprises successfully contributing to creating healthy communities.

Our Mission is to convene, inform and influence community-based social enterprises and their key stakeholders.

Our strategic goal is to insure social enterprises have a supportive ecosystem that:

· Enhances Their Business Skills
· Assures Access To Capital
· Creates Market Opportunities
· Recognizes Their Impact
· Provides Supportive Legislation And Regulations

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